Endless Beach Cleanup

Welcome to Ucluelet, British Columbia, a remote town with far more wildlife than people. But its wild beaches are covered in trash. In 2016, a team was assembled for a large scale international cleanup. In just a few weeks, the team gathered more than 20 tons of garbage.

They collected it in large super sacks. There are very few roads in the area, so the super sacks had to be picked up by helicopter and dropped onto a barge further out in the ocean. This barge is carrying just a small portion of the beach trash to Seattle, where it will be sorted for recycling and landfill. It’s hard to determine how much comes from the Japanese tsunami, but the group leading the project says the volume has increased 50% since 2011. 6 years later, it keeps coming in.

To learn more, watch this short film.

Filmed and edited by Ecoprins