The Dumpster Divers Defense Fund

Meet Tony Moyer and Sam Troyer, brother-in-laws in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. They’ve been dumpster diving for 10 months, collecting $1,000’s of good food and donating it to people in need. But in October they were arrested for dumpster diving at a CVS and charged with loitering and prowling at night as well as criminal trespassing.
The dumpster they were arrested at did not have a “no trespassing” sign posted, the gate was wide open, and the dumpster wasn’t locked. They weren’t prowling, they weren’t loitering, and they weren’t trespassing and dumpster diving isn’t even illegal in Pennsylvania. Tony and Sam always leave the place cleaner than they found it when dumpster diving and neither of them have ever been in trouble with the law.
We want all charges against them dropped so they can go back to rescuing food and donating it to people in need! $165 billion worth of food is wasted each year in the USA. That’s enough to feed another entire American population yet 50 million americans are food insecure.

In January of 2015 I publicly offered to give assistance to anyone who is arrested for dumpster diving (You can read that article here). On October 5th of 2016, nearly 2 years later, Tony Moyer and Sam Troyer were arrested. I received an email from Tony just an hour after he was arrested and he said it was the first thing he did when he got home. He had seen that article way back when he was first researching dumpster diving and made a mental note of it. I’ve started the Dumpster Divers Defense Fund to help Food Waste Warriors if they get arrested or ticketed for dumpster diving for food. The initial funds raised will cover Tony and Sam’s tickets, court fees, etc. I managed to get a pro bono lawyer so that cost is taken care of. Thanks Juliette Zaengle for your help! Our goal is to get all charges dropped, which would allow this money to be used for something so much better. The funds will be used to help them start a food rescue program with grocery stores so that the food can be donated and not put in the dumpster in the first place. Of course that’s the whole idea of all of this, to end food waste and hunger. This fund will also help to bring media attention to the issue of food waste and hunger, help dumpster divers in the future who get in trouble like Sam and Tony did, and help dumpster divers to start food rescue programs to keep food out of the dumpsters.
Please donate to the Dumpster Divers Defense Fund here.
Tony and Sam’s preliminary hearing was originally set for 12/22/2016 but was delayed to 01/23/2017. I will update here after the preliminary hearing.


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