Friends, Fun, Planting Seeds, and Cycling in Denver: Days 30 – 32

05/19 – 05/21 (Days 30-32)

Chucking Seed Bombs!

Sunday was possibly my first relaxing day since I left San Francisco. My friends Wes and Adam helped throw a get together at Washington Park and it was heart warming to spend time with friends. Some people I had met online made over 1,300 seed bombs for us to plant and five of us rode our bikes around Denver for part of the afternoon mostly along the bike path and we planted over 500 seed bombs full of Daisy, Poppy and Corn Flower seeds. It was really great to go on a casual bike ride on the beautiful bike path on a pleasant Sunday Afternoon. Then we headed back to the park to meet up with a bunch of people and I made a lot of new friends. We had some blankets laid out and we just chilled in the park. I felt like it was one of the most enjoyable days yet this summer. It was so nice to just hang out and enjoy the company of good people. We played guitar and Frisbee, told stories, and just relaxed in the park. When the sun went down and it got chilly a bunch of us headed back to Andy’s house and the fun continued.

Monday was a major social media and Internet day. I pretty much hung out at Adams house the entire day sitting on the couch. It rained for a good portion of the day which made it hard to get my battery charged enough on the computer from the solar so I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. The humid air reminded me of being back in Wisconsin and excited me for the Midwest. At night some friends came over and we hung out. I don’t take much time to just hang out on this trip because I am so busy from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed so it’s been nice to socialize.

Tuesday the plan was to take off in the morning but I ended up sticking around in Denver for one more day. The morning was spent on the computer and in the early afternoon I headed down to the river to finally wash my clothes and cooking gear after nearly a month of not doing so. Besides that I went for a real nice swim in the creek and cleaned up myself. Cleaning everything up felt like a new start. It was a sunny day and it was nice to be still chilling in Denver but having an extremely productive day. I had a little anxiety for not being on the road but it was important to get all this stuff done and I still had a ton of stuff to do online all day and much of the evening.

Overall not a ton to write about from these couple of days. It was just a nice relaxing and productive couple of days in Denver. The highlight was undoubtedly forming a ne community of friends and I feel rejuvenated from all the love that I felt in Denver.

I came up with the Barefootin’ for Sustainability campaign to raise money for 1% for the Planet non-profits that I work with while I was here in Denver. Check it out here:

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