This Grocery Store Could Put Fast Food out of Business!

Welcome to the Daily Table. This the grocery store that could put fast food out of business. 40% of food grown in the USA goes to waste, while nearly 50 million Americans live in food insecure households. Daily Table is a solution to both food waste and hunger. They recover excess food from supermarkets and growers that would have otherwise gone to waste and sell it at deeply discounted prices to provide affordable, healthy food for the food insecure.

They also sell “ugly produce” that doesn’t meet supermarket beauty standards. 1/3rd of American adults are obese, especially in food insecure communities. To combat this national problem, they provide “grab-n- go” ready to eat meals that are cooked on-site by their kitchen staff with fresh ingredients. These meals compete with local fast food chains, making it easier for families to eat healthier. The community loves the Daily Table and they plan on expanding to more locations.

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