Would you like to volunteer with environmental activist Rob Greenfield and benefit the world in a sustainable and creative way?change_the_world

Join Rob Greenfield on Eco-Adventures to Positively Benefit the World!

You have the opportunity to partner with Rob Greenfield on unique, exciting, and creative adventures around the world! Become inspired, lead by example, and give back in humble ways. 

The objective of all adventures is to inspire people to rethink their mode of interaction with the world. All adventures are meant to shed light on life and inspire followers to live healthier and pursue true happiness.

By being involved by choosing the adventures or joining Rob, you will learn how to lead a life that is good for you, others, and the entire Earth.

Theme: Every Change the World adventure has a theme in health, happiness, and sustainability; some of the following previously chosen follow:


Be a Super Hero

Take Back the Human Body


Simple Living

and Resource Conservation

For each theme, Rob and team will give fans 3 adventures to choose from, and the most Likes” on Facebook will decide which one Rob and partnering friend(s) do.

Past Adventures:

#1 Cabo, San Jose, Mexico with Valerie Frere (November 2013)

In November of 2013, Rob partnered with Valerie Frere (at first a perfect stranger) to “do good” in Baja, Mexico for a week-long adventure.

Minimalist Rob packed only the clothes on his back, a notebook, some paper, a cell phone and charger, toothbrush, $700 in cash ($500 for the project), and The Responsible Company for the venture.

And Valerie lugged along much more.

With both ready to “do good” and inspire others with the adventures planned, a friendship was quickly formed and both hopped on a plane bound to Mexico.

Day 1: The duo focused on reusing, recycling, and reducing. They cleaned up trash from the beach, got an outfit from a second-hand store for less than $10, and created no waste. Read More.

Day 2: Rob and Valerie committed to taking back the human body by skinny dipping, and going barefoot the entire day.

Day 5: The dynamic green activists decided to lead by example and educate our future by spending time with some children at a local elementary school. The three mini adventures were to: prepare a nutritious lunch for the classroom, tell stories and teach Earth-friendly living, and work in the school garden.

With $20 worth of fruits and vegetables, about 30 children were fed. The teacher also received $60 to buy seeds and plant a garden at the school. Read More.

Day 6: Ecstatically happy to celebrate Healthy and Ethical Food Day, Rob and Valerie carried out the voted-on adventures, which were: dumpster dive for dinner, pick their dinner at an organic farm, and find organic food at the grocery store. Read More.

Each day of the week-long adventure, a different aspect of sustainability was focused on. The sidebar to the right features some of the best moments and environmental tasks Rob and Valerie took on.


What’s the Next Adventure Going to Be?

You Decide! In the past, Rob has made headlines with his Goodfluence Sustainability Tour across the USA, and there will definitely be more adventures planned by fans in the future!

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