Trash Me FAQ

Welcome to the FAQ for Trash Me. Here I cover all of the questions people have been asking so far. Before diving into the questions though I’d like to explain the project in a little more depth to help you understand what I did and why.

For 30 days I wore every single piece of trash that I created while living like the average American. The average American creates 4.5 pounds of trash per day and I aimed to live the lifestyle that results in this. Normally I aim to live a near zero waste lifestyle so this is not a lifestyle that I am accustomed. But for the 30 days I went about life in a manner that is absolutely normal in the USA. I ate, shopped, and consumed like so many of us are accustomed to in this country. Everything about my life was normal and the only difference is I had to wear every piece of trash that I created instead of putting it into a garbage can. Most people never think twice about their trash, once it’s in the garbage can, it’s out of sight, out of mind. Through this project I, along the award-winning filmmakers at Living on One, and Gary Bencheghib, am out to change that by creating an unforgettable and shocking visual of the trash that we create everyday, and inspire us all to drastically reduce our trash.

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