Make it your goal to fail today.

Nobody is perfect. In fact, perfection would likely be an imperfection in most people’s mind. So next time you have a desire to try something but are scared, just do it! You won’t be perfect. You probably won’t even be good, but you’ll get good if you accept that you are not and work at it. Or maybe you’ll just try it once, gain some experience, and have fun. Realize that it’s ok to be imperfect and you will free up your mind and spirit.

To succeed you must fail. And to achieve great success you will probably have many failures to get there. No matter what you are doing, from rock climbing, to writing, to photography, to building a business. The best rock climbers have fallen off the most rocks. The best photographers have taken the most crappy photos.

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A Different Perspective: Day 83

07/11 (Day 83)

As I stood outside in the dark peeing on a bush I tried to remember what happened today but I just couldn’t. It took me a lot of pondering to remember if I went outside much or if I went anywhere at all. I couldn’t remember if yesterday was today or where I woke up this morning. I slowly pieced it together and realized I didn’t leave the house for more than a few minutes at a time. When I woke up I turned on the computer while still on the couch and the morning continued in that fashion. I spent nearly the entire day writing, emailing, and facebooking. I did go outside to pee on the same bush a half dozen times and each time I stretched out my body a bit. I also walked a few blocks to fill up my water jugs at the leaky fire hydrant. I was plenty hydrated but I didn’t eat much at all leaving myself somewhat delirious. I wouldn’t call it a lazy day because of the amount I accomplished and the fact that I barely took a second to be unproductive. It’s a very different kind of productivity from the last 82 days though. Many times I intended to put my computer away but each time I found myself still on it hours later.

Here are some insights into my mind on Day 83 of living a minimal impact lifestyle…

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