Good News in America with Rob Greenfield

Good News in the USA!

New in the United States is full of brain numbing, fear instilling, negative stories, but I am doing my part to change that!

In 2013 my activism was featured in 13 news stories that aired on over 30 channels across the USA.

My aim is to help wake this sleepy country up, and I’m using positive, inspiring, educational stories on the mainstream media to do so.

Here’s the highlight video of my news stories. I bet you can’t watch it without smiling 🙂

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The Potty Story: Day 79

I haven’t sat on a toilet in 79 days. SEVEN squad cars flooded to the scene when I sat on this one. Read on for some entertainment and enlightenment.

07/07 (Day 79)

I had been too lazy to lay down my sleeping mat and instead slept on the floor of Sarah’s twin five year old’s with a flew blankets and the carpet to provide cushioning. I slept ok but would have been much better off with my sleeping pad. Upon awaking at 8:00 I took out my computer and wrote for an hour while the house was still nice and quiet. I sat in her pleasant backyard at the picnic table and enjoyed the morning thoroughly. Sarah offered me some locally produced organic yogurt and a peach, which made for a wonderful breakfast. I wanted to get on the road before the heat grew too strong so I was out of there a bit after 9:00.

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Wind at my Back: Day 41

05/30 (Day 41)

My body isn’t used to getting a lot of sleep right now so I woke up before the sun. I went outside and was very appreciative of the warm damp air. I can’t tell you if more tornadoes touched down or even if it rained much as I slept solid the entire night. There were some huge branches in the street but that could have been from yesterday during the day. I snuck back into bed and slept to a little past 7:30. I took advantage of having the quiet church to myself and prepared myself a simple breakfast and ate it as I sat at the table. Since I have been eating mostly food from the garbage I have not been taking the time to appreciate it or give thanks to the earth for giving it to me. I like to thank the earth for providing food and I usually say something along the lines of, “Thank you earth for this delicious and nutritious food in front of me. Please let it nourish my body. I will use this energy today from this food to create a happier healthier planet.” I like to take time to eat my food and appreciate it as it goes down. It’s better for digestion and it helps me to appreciate the simple things that give me life. This morning I took the time to be present with my food and I will continue to do so for the rest of the trip.

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