The Change the World Adventure Begins!

On the left, Valerie and her gear

On the right, me and my gear

Yesterday we were perfect strangers. Tomorrow morning we fly off together for a weeklong adventure in Baja, Mexico. 

This is the first adventure in the “Change the World” series of eco-adventures. Each day their will be a theme that teaches you and us how to live happy, healthy, and sustainably. The themes for this adventure are Food, Be a Super Hero, Take Back the Human Body, Waste, Simple Living, and Resource Conservation. With each theme, we’ll give you 3 adventures and your votes (“likes” on Facebook) will decide which one we do. 

Expect to learn, to be inspired, and to be entertained!

My possessions- The clothes on my back, notebook and some paper, cell phone and charger, toothbrush, $700 cash ($500 for the project), and The Responsible Company.

Valerie’s possessions- Too many to name and then some more.

We’re going to make a good team!



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