Rob Greenfield Thunderstorm

Severe Thunderstorms and Tornadoes: Day 40

It was time to make a choice. Outrun the storm coming my way with a tornado watch in effect or take refuge in the barn that lay in front of me…

05/29 (Day 40)

The severe thunderstorms that were predicted to slam my tent with rain and hail during the night never came. When I awoke at 6:00 I was surprised that I hadn’t been awoken during the night to a good pummeling by Mother Nature. Still tired I was glad to be up early to go online and catch my story on the news. First I checked my phone though and had already gotten a text from Alissa saying that the SD card had malfunctioned and nothing was recorded. No big deal though because she said she’d drive over to Hastings to do the piece again. I was glad she was coming to reshoot because I think it will be an interesting piece for the people here in Nebraska. I don’t think they get overly exposed to content about making the earth a happier healthier place.

The city park was such a pleasant place to spend the morning. I had set up my tent right next to the kiddy pool, which wasn’t filled the for the season yet, but did however fill with some water from the morning rain and made for a good spot to wash off. I packed up and Alissa was at my camp before 9:00 to redo the piece. It went better then the first time and it was a good excuse to see her again. She’s really pretty. She brought a big smile to my face this morning.

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Rob Greenfield News

Wind, News, and Nebraska: Day 39

Kansas had a talk with its neighbor to the north Nebraska today. It went something like this:

Kansas: Hey Nebraska, did you get a little hippy on a bamboo bike ridin’ in from the south yesterday?

Nebraska: I sure did partner. Whatcha need?

Kansas: Well he snuck outta here when I was tryin’ to shake up his feathers. I was just gettin’ started with him. Would you mind roughin’ em’ up for me a bit?

Nebraska: It would be my pleasure partner. I’ll blast some winds from the north at the kid. He won’t know what hit em’.

Kansas: Give it to em’ good Nebraska. That boy just smiles way too much for my likin’.

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Memorial Day Feast: Day 38

05/27 (Day 38)

Look at this beautiful Memorial Day feast spread out in front of me! Where ever did I come upon this smorgasbord? Why a dumpster of course. Read on and your questions will be answered.

I awoke with the dawn at 6:00 to the singing of birds and the moving of my bowels. My attempts to go back to sleep were futile as I was just too excited for the day. This was the day when the southern winds would finally be my friend and would help me fly. A day when I wouldn’t be in a constant battle for every crank of the pedal. The winds were already gusting from the south and with my newly planned route I could look at them as a blessing. The forecast for every city on the route through Iowa called for southern winds for the next 10 days and I’d be heading northeast and east. Off I went at 8:00 and I explored the cobble-stoned streets of Norton a bit before getting back onto highway 36 heading east.

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Meeting the Kansas Locals: Day 36

Kansas from the eyes of a man who found me on the side of the road and welcomed me into his home. He liked guns, shooten most animals, dranken Mickey’s and a home made concoction called Bounce, and I think he liked cats and dogs quite a bit too.

05/25 (Day 36)

It was a pretty long night. I was too exhausted to sleep well. The 30 mph winds were relentless, blowing through the trees and shaking the shed. The noise from that along with all the turkeys, guinea fowl, and chickens, cawing, yelping, and shrieking made it difficult to get solid sleep. I was also very hot in my sleeping bag. My legs and my butt were overheated. The couple of times I woke up throughout the night I managed to get some water into my shaky weak body with the intentions of waking up hydrated. My stomach handled it well, which was good news. I got up at 6:00 to go pee and could barely move but when I woke up again around 7:30 with the sun up I felt a lot better.

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Hitting my Limits: Day 35

05/24 (Day 35)


Well it was a pretty good night of sleep. I stayed up until 1:00 writing and I was exhausted when I went to bed. I could have gone to sleep four or five hours earlier. I woke up this morning around 7:15 with the wind howling away and was beyond exhausted. I went outside to go to the bathroom and crawled back into my tent to sleep for another hour before waking up again at 8:30 and amazingly enough was excited for the day. The goal in my mind is to make it 78 miles. The Kansas border is 20 miles east and the wind is coming from the south at 29 mph. Sever thunderstorms are in the forecast but again I am for some reason very excited for the day. The weatherman is telling me it is supposed to be hot, maybe 85 degrees, but I’m not sure if that will be noticeable with the wind blasting. Every pedal will get me a little bit further. Every 600 or so pedals will get me another mile.

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Barefoot Pedaling and Heavy Winds: Day 33 and 34

05/22 (Day 33)

My body felt as if there was a party balloon full of happiness expanding inside me ready to burst as I pedaled along the open Colorado road bare foot and bare chested.

Inspired again to be on my bicycle, I was flooded with joy. A bike is a magical thing and I often find that I can cure any boredom, or sadness of any sort just by getting on a bike and going for a ride. It’s fun, good for you, and good for the planet. What a great combination.

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Rob Greenfield Seed Bombs

Friends, Fun, Planting Seeds, and Cycling in Denver: Days 30 – 32

05/19 – 05/21 (Days 30-32)

Chucking Seed Bombs!

Sunday was possibly my first relaxing day since I left San Francisco. My friends Wes and Adam helped throw a get together at Washington Park and it was heart warming to spend time with friends. Some people I had met online made over 1,300 seed bombs for us to plant and five of us rode our bikes around Denver for part of the afternoon mostly along the bike path and we planted over 500 seed bombs full of Daisy, Poppy and Corn Flower seeds. It was really great to go on a casual bike ride on the beautiful bike path on a pleasant Sunday Afternoon. Then we headed back to the park to meet up with a bunch of people and I made a lot of new friends. We had some blankets laid out and we just chilled in the park. I felt like it was one of the most enjoyable days yet this summer. It was so nice to just hang out and enjoy the company of good people. We played guitar and Frisbee, told stories, and just relaxed in the park. When the sun went down and it got chilly a bunch of us headed back to Andy’s house and the fun continued.

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Barefoot for Sustainability

Barefootin’ 4 Sustainability

I’m cycling barefoot on my bamboo bike from Denver to Kansas City.


To raise some dolla dolla bills ya’ll. For sustainability that is! Let’s join together to create a healthier happier planet! I am raising money for 1% for the Planet grass-root organizations that will truly make the world a better place with your mo

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