Hello Wisconsin: Day 50

06/08 (Day 50)

I woke up to another morning of being overly exhausted but was quite excited for what was to come. It was 6:30 and the sky was not completely covered with clouds although I can’t say it was quite sunny. I was on the road around 7:30 and hit up the Dubuque farmers market on my way eastward. I was amazed to see the streets covered with booths selling local food, crafts, and goods. Dubuque amazed me again today with its excitement for local culture and with their excitement about creating a healthy planet. My host Rob from Dubuque Bike Coop was set up down there and I learned about some of the great stuff they are doing. They make it easy for anyone to own a bike. For around $75 you can get a solid used ride. You can even use a bike for 3 months with a deposit that will be returned when you return the bike. 

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Dubuque Iowa: Day 49

06/07 (Day 49)

I woke up feeling quite refreshed to the sound of Shannon and Richard in the kitchen talking about whether or not I could eat their local organic eggs if they cooked them for me. I slept for a solid eight hours and I slept in a bit. When I went outside I found the sun peaking over the trees and blue sky was in sight. I spent the morning in their lovely house taking my time as I prepared for the day of biking. It was very pleasant morning and the enjoyable meaningful conversations from yesterday continued on with these intelligent people. They showed me all the wonderful food they are growing in their yard including lemons, strawberries, blueberries, and a handful of different types of herbs. They really live a life to admire here in Mount Vernon. The only problem with the morning was Mr. Jones, the dog, who insisted on disrupting my peace all morning as he tried to get at my food. Man having pets sure is a lot of work and it has taken away so much freedom from many of my friends that have them.

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Arrived in Iowa City: Day 48

06/06 (Day 48)

I woke up at 6:00 exhausted and definitely did not want to get out of bed. I had no choice though as Dan wanted to lock up the house when he left for work. I was out at 6:30 and it was a bit chilly but the sun was shining and I felt really good about that. I went for a morning stroll and hit the road at 8:00. 

The sun peaked out from the clouds from time to time as I biked but was mostly hidden behind the clouds. It was thirty miles to Iowa City from Williamsburg and since I started my day at 8:00 I figured I would make it there at 11:00. I traveled on the small farm road and had a pretty pleasant morning. I was blessed to see a calf that had just been born within a few hours. The placenta was still hanging from the mom and the baby was trembling on its shaky legs as it took its first suckles from the moms utters. The mom licked the calf with affection and protected the calf from my view.

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Never Give up: Days 46 and 47

Day 46 (06/04)

I woke to a dreary, cold, rainy day and was not excited about it. The drawn blinds allowed me to sleep in until nearly 8:00 and when I walked outside I found my half open bag filling up with rain. It wasn’t even warm enjoyable rain. It was cold, depressing, bone chilling rain and there was no way I was going to bike in it. Instead I spent the morning somewhat lounging except not really. I would have liked to have used my computer or my cell phone but both were dead and the thick gray clouds didn’t allow the solar panels enough energy to even turn on either devices. Instead I washed my clothes in a pond as I stood out in the rain getting some of my only dry clothes wet as well. I also went for a little walk. A nap would have been smart but I have a pretty hard time not being productive.

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Facebook Friending the Local Police: Days 44 and 45

Day 44 (06/02)

I awoke to a cold and gloomy morning and I felt the same way on the inside. I had gotten close to twelve hours of sleep but was still exhausted when I finally got out of bed at 9:00. I was feeling depressed and the lack of sun to charge my cell phone and laptop had me feeling extradown. I spent some time in the morning stretching and took a short walk around the neighborhood to give my mind some time to wake up. I found a breakfast of yogurt and bagels while I was out and about. I find it quite amazing that I can wake up any morning and go outside and find myself a good free breakfast from the waste of other human beings. 

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Rob Greenfield Ashland

Ashland, Nebraska NOT Ashland, Wisconsin: Day 42 and 43

05/31 (Day 42)

I awoke at 6:00 and stepped out the door into a beautiful Kansas morning. I took the morning to get caught up online and organized my gear that never ceases to get unorganized. For the first time in a while I made a fire to prepare myself breakfast and I cooked up a dish of potatoes from way back in Steamboat Springs with mushrooms and corn. It kept my hunger, which is back in full force, satisfied for a few hours at most. On the road at 10:30 and it was a hot one. 

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Wind at my Back: Day 41

05/30 (Day 41)

My body isn’t used to getting a lot of sleep right now so I woke up before the sun. I went outside and was very appreciative of the warm damp air. I can’t tell you if more tornadoes touched down or even if it rained much as I slept solid the entire night. There were some huge branches in the street but that could have been from yesterday during the day. I snuck back into bed and slept to a little past 7:30. I took advantage of having the quiet church to myself and prepared myself a simple breakfast and ate it as I sat at the table. Since I have been eating mostly food from the garbage I have not been taking the time to appreciate it or give thanks to the earth for giving it to me. I like to thank the earth for providing food and I usually say something along the lines of, “Thank you earth for this delicious and nutritious food in front of me. Please let it nourish my body. I will use this energy today from this food to create a happier healthier planet.” I like to take time to eat my food and appreciate it as it goes down. It’s better for digestion and it helps me to appreciate the simple things that give me life. This morning I took the time to be present with my food and I will continue to do so for the rest of the trip.

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Rob Greenfield Thunderstorm

Severe Thunderstorms and Tornadoes: Day 40

It was time to make a choice. Outrun the storm coming my way with a tornado watch in effect or take refuge in the barn that lay in front of me…

05/29 (Day 40)

The severe thunderstorms that were predicted to slam my tent with rain and hail during the night never came. When I awoke at 6:00 I was surprised that I hadn’t been awoken during the night to a good pummeling by Mother Nature. Still tired I was glad to be up early to go online and catch my story on the news. First I checked my phone though and had already gotten a text from Alissa saying that the SD card had malfunctioned and nothing was recorded. No big deal though because she said she’d drive over to Hastings to do the piece again. I was glad she was coming to reshoot because I think it will be an interesting piece for the people here in Nebraska. I don’t think they get overly exposed to content about making the earth a happier healthier place.

The city park was such a pleasant place to spend the morning. I had set up my tent right next to the kiddy pool, which wasn’t filled the for the season yet, but did however fill with some water from the morning rain and made for a good spot to wash off. I packed up and Alissa was at my camp before 9:00 to redo the piece. It went better then the first time and it was a good excuse to see her again. She’s really pretty. She brought a big smile to my face this morning.

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Rob Greenfield News

Wind, News, and Nebraska: Day 39

Kansas had a talk with its neighbor to the north Nebraska today. It went something like this:

Kansas: Hey Nebraska, did you get a little hippy on a bamboo bike ridin’ in from the south yesterday?

Nebraska: I sure did partner. Whatcha need?

Kansas: Well he snuck outta here when I was tryin’ to shake up his feathers. I was just gettin’ started with him. Would you mind roughin’ em’ up for me a bit?

Nebraska: It would be my pleasure partner. I’ll blast some winds from the north at the kid. He won’t know what hit em’.

Kansas: Give it to em’ good Nebraska. That boy just smiles way too much for my likin’.

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Memorial Day Feast: Day 38

05/27 (Day 38)

Look at this beautiful Memorial Day feast spread out in front of me! Where ever did I come upon this smorgasbord? Why a dumpster of course. Read on and your questions will be answered.

I awoke with the dawn at 6:00 to the singing of birds and the moving of my bowels. My attempts to go back to sleep were futile as I was just too excited for the day. This was the day when the southern winds would finally be my friend and would help me fly. A day when I wouldn’t be in a constant battle for every crank of the pedal. The winds were already gusting from the south and with my newly planned route I could look at them as a blessing. The forecast for every city on the route through Iowa called for southern winds for the next 10 days and I’d be heading northeast and east. Off I went at 8:00 and I explored the cobble-stoned streets of Norton a bit before getting back onto highway 36 heading east.

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