Brent Martin and Rob Greenfield

Goodbye to my Friend and Cameraman Brent Martin

After 96 days on the road together (and a month in my house before that) this is goodbye to my friend and cameraman Brent Martin

I’m quite amazed that we were able to walk away with big old smiles on our faces after all the days arguing about pointless crap, and being annoyed with the little things that the other was doing. So many days we both woke up and realized “Oh I’m spending another day with this guy….” and it dampened our day. Many days we avoided each other as much as possible and rode separately. Many days we stuck our earphones in to forget that the other existed. 

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Drip by Drip Rob Greenfield

Drip by Drip: Day 5

07/21 (Day 93) Drip by Drip day 5

At no point today did I know where my next drip, sip, or gulp of water was going to come from. My tongue searched the desertous terrain around it hoping it would find water. I knew I was controlling that tongue and that it would find no moisture but it seemed to have a mind of its own, searching every corner of my mouth for a drop of water. As I rode along my eyes constantly scanned my surroundings for potable water. I felt like a hawk soaring through the sky searching out prey only my eyes were scanning for half full water bottles on the side of the road, drips from spigots on the side of houses, and any sign of leaking water.

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Rob Greenfield Bread

Drip by Drip: Day 4

07/20 (Day 92) Drip by Drip day 4

I woke up at 7:00 and felt disturbed from a night of bad dreams. I vividly remember one of my teeth falling out in one dream and then falling apart into pieces. I woke up in the dream but in real life was still dreaming. I went to the bathroom and then crawled back into bed only for the painful dreams to continue until I woke again at 8:45. I didn’t remember much of the dreams beside the rotten tooth but my heart was feeling very heavy. I went downstairs and David’s mom offered to make me some eggs, which I gladly accepted. Then she went out to water the garden and I filled up my jug from the leaky hose connection. I managed to get almost a gallon in the few minutes. Those leaks really add up quickly. 

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Drip by Drip Rob

Leaky shower water from an online stranger, now real life friend.

07/19 (Day 91) – Drip by Drip Day 3

Today was a “rest” day in New Haven and I enjoyed the heat wave from indoors, which was just about as hot as the out doors if not hotter. Last night before bed I was pouring sweat from my whole body. Everyone else had fans on them but since I am not using electricity for this whole trip I just opened the door next to my room. Bad idea. The room filled with mosquitoes and in my deliriously tired state I woke up slapping myself for the better portion of the night.

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Drip by Drip: Day 2

I awoke at 6:00 and heat was already in the air. I took some time to relax in the churchyard and talked to the groundskeeper before getting on my way before 7:00. I rode 2 miles and then popped into a restaurant to use the internet and catch up on social media for about an hour before really hitting the road. A huge part of me wanted to get on the road early to beat the heat but I just had things I needed to do online. When I left there I had just under a half gallon of water left from the fire hydrant in the Bronx and temperatures were near 90 degrees already at 9:00.

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Drip by Drip Rob Greenfield

Drip by Drip: Help Me Find Leaky Faucets!

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For the next week, I will be living off of drippy faucets as I cycle from New York, NY to Boston, MA. That is 250 miles through a heat wave! The weather forecast is calling for temperatures in the 90’s for the next 4 days and there is a heat advisory in effect. I need your help!

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Ponder this for a moment….Day 84

Ponder this for a moment….

Ever eaten a little bag of chips or drank a bottle of soda? If so how long did it take you to eat it?

I’d finish one off in about five minutes. Five enjoyable minutes that is. But besides that what did I really get out of it? There really isn’t much nutrition in either of them. They are both really expensive on a per weight basis. They are very processed. I amsatisfied for a bit but nothing comes long term from this transaction with food compared to eating something healthy that gives my body vital nutrients and creates good energy for me to use.

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