This Farm Just Doesn’t Want Me to Go: Day 71

06/29 (Day 71)

I awoke early after a wonderful nights rest in the bunk bed. The last two nights in a row I’ve gotten ten hours of sleep and it’s made all the difference for me. My body is undoubtedly exhausted from my rigorous daily schedule and the energy I put into writing. Although they were great nights of rest I did wake up many times scratching myself fiercely. I have a severe rash on my leg and my pelvic area and my right leg is covered in blisters. I believe it is poison ivy judging by previous reactions that I have had. I am extremely allergic to poisonous ivy and if I get it, it usually means a month of suffering. I’m hopeful that it won’t be as bad this time.

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Bumping into a Fellow Cross Country Cyclist: Day 66

06/24 (Day 66)

I started out the day early and was fully stocked up on water from yesterday’s rain. My one-gallon jug was full along with my 32-ounce water bottle, my pot and my bowl. The clouds had been generous and I was successful at harvesting the rain using my rain jacket and tent rain fly. I super hydrated myself and could feel the water being delivered throughout my whole body. Water has been scarce for me at times on this trip and most days I have rationed my water and had to pay close attention to how much was left in my jug. It was a joy today to drink water freely without having the thought of running out in the back of my head.

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Simplify Your Life

You may not look at life the same after reading this. You may decide to lead a simpler lifestyle. You may put less of a priority on money. You may realize that humans are not the only important creatures that walk the planet. You may begin the transition into living freely. You might start living the life you want to. But beware; there may not be any going back to the easy conveniences you take comfort in now.

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Rob Greenfield Ohio

Ice cream: Day 65

06/23 (Day 65)

The night had been a long one with the full moon shining down upon me. Early in my sleep I was sweating and hot under the blanket and rain fly that I had on me to protect me from mosquitoes but as the night wore on my body temperature dropped. Considering the challenges though, the night did pass fairly quickly. 

I awoke at 7:30 still feeling very exhausted, but was unable to fall back asleep since my core body temperature was just a bit too low to be comfortable enough to lay still. I pulled myself from under the picnic table and covered my body in clothing to warm myself up. It was a pleasant and beautiful morning but wasn’t hot to start out. I sat at the picnic table writing and without having to wait for too long the sun warmed up my surroundings and my body. This was my queue to freshen up in the cool water of the lake. Another beautiful day lay ahead of me and although I was grateful for the heat that was to come I knew it would be a challenge to ride through the heat. 

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Water Rob Greenfield


06/22 (Day 64)

I woke in a living room full of toys, to the sound of a little boy yelling, “dad, dad, daaaaaaaad, dad, dad, dad, daaaaaaad” and found it quite amusing to wake up in this peculiar place. Neil already had a fire going for me, which he even started using flint and cattail fluff. He presented me with an unlimited supply of local duck eggs to cook for breakfast over the fire. But first I had to bike to the river to collect some water and while I was there I took a refreshing dip in the picturesque river. What a peaceful way it was to start my morning.

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Summer Solstice: Day 63

06/21 (Day 63)

My night sleep under the open skies was a rough one. I woke up many times subconsiously scratching the fresh mosquito bites on my body. Mosquitoes were poking me all night with their little beaks through the thin sheets and on my exposed feet and neck. In the late morning the air cooled off to the point where it was just slightly too cold for me to sleep comfortably. It warmed up around six with the rising of the sun and I got a few solid hours of sleep before waking up the heat of the day at 8:00. I was surprised to have slept for another two hours but I was grateful for the rest. The warm humid air instantly cheered my sprits and I was happy to be alive and well in this Gary, Indiana back yard. 

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Rob Greenfield Bamboo Bike

Gary, Indiana: Day 62

06/20 (Day 62)

It was a hot morning and I was happy to be a part of it. I spent the morning writing as I sat on my grandpa’s familiar and comfortable couch and enjoyed my last few hours at home. At 11:00 I was off, the scorching sun above me, and I headed along Lincoln Avenue into the city. It was joyous pedaling with my much lighter trailer and I was flying down the surface roads heading southwest. I took Devon past all the ethnic markets and met up with the lakeshore path after about forty-five minutes of riding. A nice cool breeze was coming off the lake and made the rest of the ride to North Ave Beach a pure pleasure. 

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SUMMER DAYS OF REST: Days 59, 60, and 61

06/17 (Day 59)

Today was a simple day. I slept in and spent the morning at my grandpa’s house relaxing and resting. I’ve considered this place a home for a long time and I take great comfort in being here. Of course I had a lot on my list of things to do but I made sure to lead a relaxing day.

The most important thing on my agenda was to wash my clothes. I’d wanted to do this for so long. Some of the clothes I haven’t washed since I got them in Boulder, Colorado over a month ago. I rode my bike five miles to Lake Michigan where I waded in the clear cold water as I washed my clothes by hand with a Dr. Bronner’s bar of soap. It took me about an hour and a half to wash all of my clothes but it was enjoyable as I was soaking up the natural water of Lake Michigan and the rays from the sun at the same time. 

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