Rob Greenfield Crushing Cans

Update on Share My Way Home!

I am still in Panama City where I’m trying to make about $100 to keep me out of dangerous situations on the trek home through Central America. So far I’ve collected 470 cans, pawned things I’ve found on the streets and in garbage cans (electronics, bottle of rum, and cigarettes), was paid for an English conversation, unsuccessfully attempted tour sales, stopped in at a modeling agency, and have posted on dozens of forums. I’ve scrounged together $36 and I think I’m making about $1/ hour. In the city most of my food has come from eating rice and beans off trays at mall food courts and the rest from nice people buying me simple beans, rice, and plantains. The tap water here is clean so that has been a non-issue. I’m staying with some really nice people from Kalu Yala which has made this adventure so much easier.

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Rob Greenfield Kalu Yala

I’m alive and WELL!

I’m alive and WELL! Very well! It has been a fairly grueling adventure so far but I am at Kalu Yala, a sustainable community in the rainforest. I’ve met many helpful people and have had to use a lot of resourcefulness to get me here. I scrounged up food from trash bins at the airport and from westernized shopping malls on the streets in Panama. It was 23 miles here from the Panama City airport which I walked part way and took a bus, which a nice man gave me $1 to ride. Upon arriving here I slept for 14 hours in a bunk bed. With many episodes of vivid dreaming over the last 36 hours, the real world and my dream world have blurred together into this dreamlike paradise I am in now.

Much love to all, I’ll check in again in a few days.

My craziest adventure yet: Share My Way Home.

This Wednesday, I fly one-way to Panama City with just the clothes on my back and passport, no money, no cellphone or camera, not even a toothbrush. From there I’ll “Share My Way Home” across 4,000 miles and 7 international borders using the sharing economy, resourcefulness, and a combination of social media and human interaction. I’m certain there will be some pretty rough moments but, because of my faith in humanity and the vast connectivity of our world, I think I’ll be just fine. I’m excited for an immersion in meaningful life away from my computer and cellphone, full of good people, and the simplicity of nature. 

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Rob Greenfield Camping in Nevada

Humans. Nothing and Everything

When you look at our existence within a greater perspective, you grasp that we are quite small. The earth is nothing but a speck of dust within an infinitely expanding space. In the grand scheme of existence, each of us humans on this speck of dust are no more important than the ants crawling on the sidewalk or the bees buzzing by.

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Everyday I cause harm. But it’s ok.

This is a summary of my actions that have a negative impact on the earth, people, and critters. This list is not all encompassing and I’m certain that I am not aware of some of the burdens I outsource. I am certain that I screw up more than this list can explain. I don’t shame myself, though, because I have come a long way and will continue to work on these issues. 

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Rob Greenfield in Field

11 Tips to Live Happier, Healthier, and Greener in the New Year!

To create the world you wish to be a part of you must start from within. Leading by example is a very simple and effective means to influence your peers and community. Here are some simple ways to gain happiness and health for yourself while living a life that is beneficial to the earth and your community as well.

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Rob Greenfield Reading

Coming Back Home

Inspiration and information was flowing through me so feverishly this afternoon that I felt it was best for me to come home and spend the day writing. Thus, I am off the streets and back in the safety of my home. Reflecting back on the week, it was quite possibly the most mind altering week of my life and I will certainly never be the same. A full write-up will be shared in the next few days.

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