Bike to Work Infographic

Bike to Work Infographic

This infographic was made by the RobGreenfield.TV team in order to promote individuals using their bike rather than their car to commute to work. Since Rob has cycled across the country entirely off the grid to promote sustainability, he is trying to help convince the public to do as he did and ditch their car keys.

While we understand not all individuals live within a reasonable distance to their work, we are definitely trying to reach those 29% of Americans who live 5 miles or less from their home. 5 miles on a bike, even in a congested city, should not take longer than 30 minutes. It is suggested you get an hour of exercise every day, so cycling to work will kill many birds with one stone. It will save you money, keep you in shape, and you will be doing your part to reduce CO2 emissions.

Make sure to follow Rob’s current cross country cycling trip called The Goodfluence Tour!

Not everyone can live entirely off the grid as Rob is doing, but we can each do our own part to reduce our environmental impact. 

Author: Sean Aranda