Green Riders- Good Deeds on Bikes

The Green Riders are a group of everyday people who came together for a common purpose, to make the world a greener and more sustainable place!
On May 29th 2017, approximately 30 people met in Central Park of New York City to embark on a cross country ride together to Seattle, Washington.

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Be the Change in a Messed up World TEDx – Rob Greenfield

6 years ago I began walking a new path. I left behind my destructive life of partying, chasing women, material possessions, and millionaire dreams and turned it all in for a more happy, healthy, and environmentally friendly life. I’ve made 100’s of positive changes over the last years to get to where I am today and the journey continues.
I’m so excited to share my new TEDx talk, Be the Change in a Messed up World, with you. I’m certain that most of you will get some real inspiration to become the change that you wish to see in the world. And get some good laughs and smiles in too!

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Rob Greenfield Europe Tour 2017

In 2009 Rob Greenfield was a loud, drunk, environmental nuisance focused on partying, women, money and nice possessions. But then reality hit in 2011 and he woke up to the fact that all of his daily actions were causing environmental and social destruction around the world. Since then he’s worked diligently to transform his life to be of benefit and service to the earth, humanity and all creatures. His extreme activism and adventures have reached millions around the globe through his TV show on Discovery Channel, his book, Dude Making a Difference, and international media including The New York Times, BBC, NPR, Al Jazeera and more. He believes that all of us can leave the world a better place through simple positive changes in our daily lives. In today’s environment it’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless but Rob believes there’s never been a better time to be the change for a more sustainable and just world and he’s here to inspire you to join the movement.

Join Rob on his European Tour in Ireland, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France! The tour kicks off April 2nd in Ireland and finishes May 20th with Rob giving a TEDX in Paris titled “How to Be the Change in a Messed Up World.” Rob will be giving 21 talks throughout Europe aimed to educate and inspire everyone to truly be the change they wish to see in the difficult times that we live in.

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How to Grow Food for Free in the City

There are many limiting ideas floating around out there about growing your own food. Many think you need a lot of money to do it. Some think it’s too time consuming. Some think they don’t have enough space. Others feel that they just don’t have a green enough thumb. All of these ideas are totally understandable but the reality is that if we really truly want to, we can all grow some food. Sure, we can’t all have a fruitful acre of farm land but we can all have at least one little windowsill herb garden, one balcony tomato plant, some planters on our porch, a plot in a community garden, a small garden on someone else’s unused land, or something of that sort. With some initiative we can all grow some food!

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Nothing New for a Year 2017- January

My first month of buying nothing new for a year was a success! I had a few challenging moments but made it out of the month having bought nothing new. This is largely a personal challenge for myself to see if I can make it a year without having to buy (or be given) anything new but it is also a means to inspire others to be more resourceful and find ways to meet their needs that do not involve going out and buying anything new. This is beneficial in many ways but my two personal favorites are the reduction of environmental impact and the reduction of money needed to live. It’s easy to just run out to the store or go online and buy anything we need because we live in a society that has made shopping very convenient, seemingly mentally rewarding, and almost seemingly necessary to just be a “normal” member of society. But the problem is that all of this stuff causes real environmental destruction and is the source to many of the most pressing and depressing environmental and social issues of our time. Simply not buying new stuff is one way to live a drastically more environmentally and socially conscious and responsible life. The Story of Stuff does an incredible job of showing how the cost of our cheap stuff is externalized to the natural environment and other people. 

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Table of Contents for

This is a table of contents to help you find what you are looking for on this website. Rob has created a large number of resources and guides to help anyone who is interested in living a more happy, healthy, and earth friendly lifestyle. He has also documented his personal life to be an example of positive transformation to help others be the change they wish to see.

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Porque Me Hice una Vasectomía… a la Edad de 25 (Traducción)

This article was translated from the original version at: Why I Got a Vasectomy…at Age 25.

Han pasado casi dos años desde que decidí hacerme una vasectomía y nunca he mirado hacia atrás. Algunas veces he estado triste cuando me dijeron que el mundo me necesita para tener niños o cuando una chica no estaba interesada en mí porque no puedo hacer un bebé. Sin embargo, en esos raros momentos yo recuerdo por qué decidí hacer lo que hice y estoy rápidamente seguro de que esta era la decisión correcta para mí. Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes por qué hice lo que tan pocas personas de mi edad se han atrevido a hacer con la esperanza de arrojar luz sobre un tema que con frecuencia se cepilla debajo de la alfombra.

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De un Hombre Ebrio a uno que Hace la Diferencia (Traducción)

This article was translated from the original version at: From Drunk Dude to Dude Making a Difference

No hace mucho tiempo, mis principales prioridades incluían consumo excesivo de alcohol cada fin de semana, verme bien, y seducir a casi todas las chicas lindas que veía. También quería ser rico y ser dueño de un montón de cosas realmente impresionantes. Estaba bastante sintonizado en esa vida y no pensaba demasiado en cómo mis acciones afectaban al ambiente, a las personas en todo el mundo, y a los animales con los que compartimos la tierra. Era bastante egoísta y si pensaba en mis acciones ciertamente no lo hacía demasiado. Reciclaba, apagaba las luces y el agua, comía más saludable que las personas promedio yo conocía, y por tanto pensaba que lo estaba haciendo bastante bien. Pero la lista de impactos ambientales negativos era mucho mayor que mis impactos positivos (que eran casi inexistentes). Yo tenía dos autos, compraba mi comida y mi porquería barata en Wal-Mart, bebía la cerveza más barata que podía encontrar, llevaba a casa bolsas de plástico, desperdiciaba mucha agua, comía demasiada carne, necesitaba siempre los aparatos electrónicos más recientes, y la lista podría seguir y seguir. No es que ninguna de estas cosas sea inherentemente mala, pero definitivamente no estaban sirviendo ni a mí ni a la tierra profundamente.

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