Blogging platforms

Setting up the Right Blog for Your Website

Setting up a functioning active blog is just about the most important thing you could do in modern search engine optimization. There are many benefits to posting current, constant, relevant content to your website. That said, there are some basics you must get down first.

  • Do you have a brand new site to build?
  • What is the best blogging platform for your needs?
  • What if I already have use a site builder that does not have a blogging platform? (skip further down if this is your problem)

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Picks for the Planet

Picks for the Planet

One of the many green initiatives that our green marketing company partakes in is called Picks for the Planet. Since one of the products we offer is hotel key card advertising, it is was imperative that we come up with a green way to reuse this environmentally problematic plastic. This is when we first saw the Pick Punch. The pick punch can punch out guitar picks from old plastic cards, and works great on old hotel key cards. We make sure that a large portion of the hotels we work with collect cards with broken or used mag-stripes, as well as work with manufacturers on misprints. We have collected tens of thousands of useless plastic cards that would have made their way to either the dump or the energy inefficient recycling plant. Either way would cause a larger carbon footprint than finding a new way to reuse the product.

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Keyword Research

How to do Proper Keyword Research

Long before the constant blog posts, earlier than the social media management and even before the website creation, the first step in branding your online image is doing some in depth keyword research. Since we specialize in starting a business’s online presence, this is something we need to know like we know the back of our mouse pads.

When doing keyword research you should:

  • Use some common sense and intuition
  • Know your business and its target market
  • Understand the difference between short tail and long tail keywords
  • Get suggestions on other keywords you may not have thought of
  • Find out the difficulty to rank for each key phrase
  • Get to implementing the keywords on your site

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CFL Bulbs

The Greenfield Group CFL Bulb Exchange

One of the many green marketing initiatives The Greenfield Group is involved in is donating CFL bulbs so that they are exchanged with energy wasting incandescent bulbs for free.

The Greenfield Group donated 161 more CFL bulbs yesterday to CALPIRG Energy Services, a non profit out of San Diego determined to help reduce energy usage by simple things as a bulb exchange. The CALPIRG team then went out, door to door in Ocean Beach and exchanged one incandescent bulb for one free CFL bulb to each house.

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Standing for Sustainability

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

Here at The Greenfield Group, we talk a lot of game. We promise to provide internet marketing, hotel marketing, graphic designing, and everything in between all while reducing your carbon footprint. Marketing may be our skill, but the environment is our passion. Aside from the numerous green initiatives we partake in as a business, we each live a very green life in our free time as well.

Rob Greenfield, founder of The Greenfield Group, has made it so that he is building his business around his passion: Sustainability. To him, business is not just a way to make money, it is a way to change the planet for better.

Being the adventurer he is, Rob will be leaving on a three month bike journey across the United States in the beginning of April. His goal is to promote sustainability, philanthropy, and educate others along the way. The trip will start in San Francisco and end in Vermont.

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Green Marketing

The Greenfield Group is dedicated towards a new form of green marketing. Normally green marketing refers to promoting a company that sells or offers environmental products. We, on the other hand, can promote any business and will help them set off their carbon footprint.

While most marketing firms do not offer such a service, we will actually make sure the Earth is cleaner after using our services than before.

The most obvious way we can complete this is by being a member of 1% for the Planet. You can learn more about their company here: 1% for the Planet. We have dedicated ourselves to donating AT LEAST 1% of our profits to environmental causes. In 2012 we were actually successful in donating over 3% of total revenues, not including all of the recycling and reusing programs we engaged in.

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Trash Cleanup Rob Greenfield

The Transition Towards Green Marketing

Over the past year, The Greenfield Group has been going through some drastic changes. From only working with a handful of hotels in San Diego, we expanded to providing room key cards to over 100 hotels across the nation. Since our company is always doing what it can to lower it’s carbon footprint, we have added the feature of Green Internet Marketing.

Some of the best SEO and internet marketers have joined The Greenfield Group team and we will be offering these services at a very discounted rate. What many companies charge thousands of dollars a month for, we can offer for just a few hundred. Not only will you be increasing your internet presence with search engine optimization and social media marketing, but all of this will be done with you having a direct environmental impact. The Greenfield Group is committed to carbon neutrality, and currently 3% of all revenues get put back into the planet with organizations such as 1% For The Planet. When you work with The Greenfield Group, you will be working with a green marketing company.

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