Pedaling Through the Snow and 11,300 Feet Elevation: Day 27

05/16 (Day 27)

Minutes after I hit the road snow covered mounds thousands of feet above me presented themselves in a daunting manner. Rather than feeling fear I saw them as a right of passage to my freedom. Simply by pedaling one pedal at a time I would find myself climbing the snow covered mountains and I would reach the epic summit where my freedom would lay before me. From there I knew I would be seeing many miles of downhill and the great plains of the Midwest would open up to me in the near future. My challenges of frigid cold, snow, and mountain passes would be over in just a few more hours of hard pedaling. Freedom was awaiting me. I would shed my long underwear, bulky sleeping bag, and gear that would not serve a purpose on the populated eastern side of the country. Flat lands would yield easy pedaling and they were on my mind. Cities full of welcoming friends and family were in my imagination. The hardest work would be over. I felt nothing but excitement for what was to come and appreciation for the challenge that stood before me.

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Rob Greenfield Rocky Mountains

Through the Rocky Mountains: Day 26

5/15/2013 (Day 26)

It was a long night with an undesirably minimal amount of sleep. The night was cold and to conserve heat I had to fold myself up into a ball. This position did not give my weary legs a chance to recover and between the cold and aching legs I found myself awake for too much off the night. Alas the morning did come but it was a cloudy cold one. When I awoke at 6:00 I thought about breaking down camp but instead spent a few hours in my tent on my computer. Even with the cold, it as an enjoyable morning in the snowy Rocky Mountains.

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Rob Greenfield Bees

Bees, 97 Miles, and Overcoming the Darkness: Day 24

“So much inspiration churned inside my body that on the surface shivers erupted and my eyes were on the brink of exploding with tears all throughout the day.”

05/14 (Day 24)

Shivers of inspiration ran through my body from head to toe all throughout the day as I pedaled up and down the green Colorado hills. On multiple occasions tears formed in my eyes, more often as I was flying down hill or jamming out on flat land then when I was climbing the grueling hills. Jack JohnsonTrevor Green, and Xavier Rudd along with educational sustainability podcasts inspired me to keep on pedaling through the intense heat and in turn to keep inspiring others to live a happier healthier life.

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Do Good: Day 23

Do you know what sustainability means? Yes, no, kind of? It’s a big word but guess what, it doesn’t really matter exactly what it means. What does matter is that each one of us wakes up each morning and says to ourselves, “I’m going to do good today. I’m going to do good and I’m going to be good.” Just like the piece of paper in this photo, it is that simple. Others will see you doing good and it will inspire them to do good and be good too. Doing good is the new being cool!

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Multitasking and Sustainability Tips: Day 22

05/11 (Day 22)

The fight for a healthier planet stepped up a notch today! I picked up a headset with a microphone in Salt Lake City and have turned my bamboo bike into a mobile office of doing good. I strive to make it the most productive office on pedal powered wheels in the USA from now until I reach the 1% for the Planet headquarters in Vermont on August 1st. I can now talk with sustainable non-profits and business, brainstorm with peers, inspire friends and family, and make arrangements for gatherings and parties along the route as I pedal. Also I’ve loaded up my iPhone with sustainability podcasts to increase my knowledge during my “down time.” I of course will be sharing this knowledge with anyone wanting to learn how to live a more earth friendly lifestyle.

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Appreciating the Simple Things: Day 21

05/10 (Day 21)

It felt real good to wake up inside a warm house. I, and many of the people I know, tend to take for granted the things that we have. Every day I try to remember that many people are not fortunate to have simple things like food, clean drinking water, and warm beds to sleep in. Sometimes it is their own doing but sometimes it is not, for example young children who have little control in their family situation. One thing I have learned through my many adventures around the world and in the United States is that by putting myself in challenging situations and removing the luxuries of life I come to appreciate those things so much more when I have them. Most people that know me realize that I am an extremely cheerful and happy person. I’ll let you in on a secret. I appreciate the simple things in life and try to be happy with whatever comes my way and that makes it very easy to feel content. Change your perspective and you’ll change your life.

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Seeing the Town: Days 18 & 19

At this moment it is 05/09 (Day 20) and I am sitting in Salt Lake City with my laptop and cell phone plugged into the sun. It’s been a very busy last couple of days and I am a bit behind on the blogs. I need to get on the road today if I’m going to cross the Rocky Mountains and make it to Fort Collins, Colorado on time so I am going to keep these blogs short and leave out some details even though there is so much to write about.

05/07 (Day 18)

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Bike to Work Day 2013

Bike to Work Day 2013

San Diegans:

Bike to Work Day for 2013 is Friday, May 17th. This event is to help promote alternatives to driving a gas guzzling car to work every day and is always held on the third Friday in May, National Bike Month. For one day out of the year, individuals can take the time to get some exercise while learning about a new way to commute to work. Not only is biking to work healthier for the environment, it will keep a lot more money in your pocket.

Since Rob is out on an Across the USA cycling adventure, and I ride my bike to work a few times a week, we suggest that everyone gets the opportunity to sign up for this great event. Not only will this be a fun change of pace for the average commuter, if you register and track your trip, you get entered for a chance to win some great prizes, including a new bike.

There are pit stop locations, corporate challenges, maps, registration and much more information at the Bike to Work page.

If you do not live in San Diego, or even California, we still suggest you take this as an opportunity to ditch the four wheels for two and have some fun while doing it.

While Rob is cycling out in the middle of the country on his Bamboosero bike, I will be riding alongside the 8 on the great OB bike path when riding to work May 17th. I hope to see you right along side me!

Pushing Through the Rain: Day 17

05/06 (Day 17)

My head is in a cloud and I don’t even know where to begin. What happened today? Let’s see how the story comes out on paper.

This morning… I awoke in the field very exhausted after a night full of dreaming. My knees were still aching and it worried me a bit. Even though I was quite lethargic I managed to pack up and hit the road a short 40 minutes after awakening. Wait a second… Is this today that I write of? It seems so long ago. Yes, yes it must be. Let me continue and I’m sure I will catch up to a point where it seems like today.

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