Dude Making a Difference News Stories

My first activism adventure, Off the Grid Across America, strummed up a solid amount of media attention and has now turned into my first book, Dude Making A Difference. This is the highlights of the news stories that I got into while cycling across America. Enjoy the show!


CBS 8 San Diego (04/14/13)


NTV News Nebraska (05/29/13)


WKOW Wake up Wisconsin (06/18/13)


Long Island, New York Channel 12 (07/15/13)


Fox Connecticut (07/22/13)


ABC 6 Rhode Island (07/24/13)


WMUR Channel 9 New Hampshire (07/27/13)


WCAX Vermont News (08/01/13)


Wake Up Wisconsin (09/20/2013)


More News:

Wiener Zeitung (Austrian) – Cycling through America: Without waste, power consumption and cursing – 07/14/13

Connecticut Post – Cross-country on a bamboo bike – 07/18/13

The Korresponent (Russian) – And again across America without a drop of fuel – 07/23/13

Grind TV – Biking Across the Country for the Planet with Adventurer Rob Greenfield – 07/23/13

Union Leader – Man bikes cross-country to promote sustainability – 08/02/13

The Marilu Show – Off the Grid and Visiting the Marilu Show…..Rob Greenfield – 08/07/13

Ashland Daily Press – Ashland native goes off the grid on a 4,700-mile journey – 08/21/13

Renewable Choice Energy – How to Ride 4700 Miles on a Bamboo Bike without Flipping on a Light Switch – 08/26/13

Mountain Life Annual – Off-Grid Cross-country – 08/26/13

Scouting Magazine – Eagle Scout’s ride across America can inspire your Scouts to stay the course – 10/03/13


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